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Hello Grain Farmers. We are Rod & Mark Green. We are in Airdrie, AB and are Grain Brokers with over 35 years of grain merchandising experience. Rod comes from a farming background and has a good understanding of Agriculture and a great empathy with farmers. Our job is to find you the best markets for your grain. The end-user (either licensed and bonded or checked out for credit) pays you direct.  Service you can trust.

Most other grain buyers are working for someone other than you and are trying to buy grain as cheaply as possible. We work FOR YOU and always keep your best interests in the forefront. Our goals are the same as yours. We continually check markets and find out for you which end user is paying the best price for your location and quality of grain, saving you a lot of time and legwork, in your already busy schedule. Prices change almost on an hourly basis, so a good market last week/month/year may not be the best market today. For most markets we can quote you a net price @ your bin. We specialize in marketing Malting Barley . We have excellent trucking firms available. Our customers are our best advertisers. Similar goals + Christian values + good service and top prices = win win situation. Ask us for references in your area.  Note: Better Business Bureau's A+ (top grade) Accredited Business Status.

Markets for Malting Barley, Organic Malting Barley, Soft White Spring Wheat for malt.  Feed Barley, Feed Wheat, Peas, Canola,export wheat. Also feed pellets available for sale. Low cost Hail Insurance.

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