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Malting Barley / Wheat

Dealing with 4 malsters and grain companies. All licensed and bonded. Ask about the markets and contracts for malting barley for 2017/18 crop year !!!

We take the hassle out of marketing malting barley for you. If we can get your malt accepted, you know it will move and that you will get a premium @ bin with very little chance of rejection (as long as we saw a very representative sample at harvest). If you are within 130 miles of Airdrie we can come out at harvest and get your harvest samples. I call you generally within 24 hours to give you a rough idea of your acceptability. I shop your samples to up to 4 different companies in descending order of price/options to get you the best deal. I have over 30 years of experience doing this and have a great relationship with all these companies, which you benefit from. The large volumes that I do with these malsters allows me to get  you better deals. Lower deductions = higher returns for you. In  SK & MB I have producer car markets for 2 row malting barley.

I look after contracts, samples, rechecks, hounding the buyer for movement, arranging transportation, settlement info and making sure you get your cheque ASAP from licenced and bonded buyers. Contracts are moved on a first come, first served basis. 

Production contracts are available every spring. These give you a guaranteed market (depending on your sample quality); faster sample pick-up and often-faster movement. Also sometimes lower costs & better pricing opportunities. These are strongly recommended for ensuring market access. 

Malt markets for Metcalfe, Copeland, Synergy, Bentley, Newdale,

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