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 Eric Nielsen, Nielsen Farms Ltd, Hussar, AB.   

 "Great personalized service and an improvement to the net bottom line, something that is hard to find these days. Keep up the good work Rod. I have recommended you to neighbors and will continue to recommend your services" 

 Ken Hartung, K.A. Hartung Farms Ltd, Vulcan, AB     

 " Central Ag Marketing has been a real asset and financial benefit to my farm. Rod Green has access to  a variety of markets for my malting barley. Over the years of our business relationship, Rod has arranged my most profitable cash settlements. If my barley was not malt quality, Rod was diligent to find the best price for feed. The helpful services that Rod has provided my farming operation - including personally gathering all grain samples has been greatly appreciated. I look forward to continuing to do business with Rod in the future ! "

 John Richardson, Richview Farms Ltd, Crossfield, AB     

 "I have never had so much malt accepted since I started dealing with Rod four years ago. If the barley was a little too thin, then you brought your sizer out to the farm and at a low cost, cleaned right into the semi enroute to the maltster. I have made more net dollars and get good service and speed of movement. See you this fall !! "

 Alex Benedict, Wimborne,AB  

 "You have always treated me 100%. You found me markets for my malting barley when many other markets were not taking it......you found me truckers (Marv Ponto Trucking) who gave great service at a reasonable price. One time they turned up with 5 trucks and had the bin shoveled out before we could get the vac going."

 Neil Northcott, Northcott Farms Ltd, Milo 

  " Central Ag Marketing Ltd has certainly earned my confidence.  It has
consistently shown me "As good as it gets" (top dollar) when it comes to net
price for malt barley in my farming operation.  Rod's experience and
knowledge of the industry, as well as all the services he provides, are very
much appreciated. Thank you,Rod,for "working for the Farmer".  Way to Go !
    God bless.  Neil Northcott. "



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